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  • March 29, 2019 1:41 pm

Job Description

Would you like to earn a great income while working from home in the booming currency trading industry, without having to sit in long commutes or get stuck in a cubicle at a traditional office? We offer that and so much more with positions available in our remote trading team with flexible working hours, remote work capabilities and free financial investment training.

No experience is required as we’ll be teaching you how to mirror our team’s trading strategies from the ground up. We’re just looking for ambitious, self-driven, open-minded learners who’re ready to join a company that’s as invested in your success as you are.

Does that sound like you? Then read on.

About Us:

At FX Alerts, we’re a UK based currency trading consulting company that analyze and provide currency trading recommendations to ambitious forex traders across the world. Our company has been expanding rapidly in the last 5 years and now, we’ve decided to shift our focus by implementing the same strategic trading recommendations that we’ve been providing our clients for years by expanding our own team of currency trading experts who can implement the analysis we provide and grow their own investment portfolios, together.

If your application is successful, all you have to do is set up your trading account with our recommended broker and start buying and selling currency – based on the step-by-step trading alerts that we’ll be providing you on exactly which trades to open, when to open them and when exactly to close these trades and take profits to generate the highest income.

Since our team of traders implement our trading recommendations directly onto our recommended trading platform, they all work remotely with regular virtual meetups and extensive training provided.

That’s why we’re looking for self-driven, ambitious individuals who can set up their own trading accounts and follow our strategy to generate exceptional returns on their trading capital – without constant supervision. While we’ll provide you with all the step-by-step training you need to thrive and make an amazing part-time or full-time income, we need you to be ready to implement them accordingly.

We’ll also be reviewing and analyzing your results to ensure that you’re taking home the right amount of profits and to ensure that our strategies are driving the best results for yourself, our team and our clients.

All you have to do is follow our detailed trading guidance to generate an exceptional income with minimal hours invested. While we charge our clients for the services we provide, we’ll also be giving you our trading signal services for free as part of this position.

With the high-income potential and the limited positions available within our trading team, we’ve had to implement a strong vetting process to ensure that every new trader is the right fit for our fast growing company.

So during your application process, we’ll determine your suitability for trading by evaluating your self-motivation, willingness to learn, capacity to set up a trading account with initial trading capital and your ability to work independently from home, without direct supervision.

This is a location-free, schedule-friendly, high-income position for the right self-driven person as a member of our team. So, if you’re looking for a job that allows you to work minimal hours, make an exceptional income and to finally have the time and location freedom that you’ve always dreamed of – you’ve just found it.

If you think that you might be the ambitious, motivated self-starter that we’re looking for then hit the button at the bottom of this page to send through your application and let’s get the ball rolling!

Your Main Duties:

  • Open and close the daily trading signals that our analysts will be sending to you
  • Keep track of your daily trades made and profits acquired
  • Keep track of how much your initial trading investment has grown, week on week
  • Monitor which trades are generating the biggest return on investment for you
  • Report back to us with result from profitable trades
  • Learn from and contribute to regular trading and financial investment discussions

If You’re Successful, Here’s What We Need:

  • Set up your currency trading account with our recommended trading platform
  • Set up your trading capital to start generating positive returns (the larger your starting capital, the better your results)
  • Set aside at least 30 minutes per day to build up your daily income
  • Keep an eye out for our analysts who’ll send you step-by-step trading signals to implement within your trading account
  • Be open to receiving feedback and join our team with a learner’s mindset
  • Be prepared to follow precise instructions to maximize your income
  • No experience required but come with a learner’s mindset
  • Have access to a computer or mobile phone and a steady internet connection  

Exciting Benefits:

  • High-income cap – your salary is based on the amount of capital you’re trading with. The larger your starting capital, the higher your potential return on investment
  • Work on your own schedule, from anywhere in the world (most of our team travel regularly while working)
  • Learn powerful trading strategies and how to make an exceptional return from your investments
  • Choose when you get paid without having to wait for fortnightly or monthly paychecks
  • Join a team of passionate, motivated traders who are dominating the currency trading markets and who regularly share their investment strategies

Becoming a trader within our team will be the best job you’ve ever had as it gives you the ability to continuously increase your income without ever having to be tied down to a physical location or restrictive working hours. You can work when you want, from where you want and earn what you want. With such an amazing offer, we need to ensure that we find the right person for our team as we’ll be investing heavily in you to help you generate an exceptional income from your trading capital.


How to Apply

Do you think you have what it takes to be our next 5-star trader? Then head to this link to fill out your application and let’s find out!    

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