Physiotherapist – Part-time

  • Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
  • May 17, 2018 10:05 pm

Job Description

Why join the Army Reserve?

If you're looking for a new challenge, the Army Reserve could be for you. You'll enjoy the satisfaction of giving something back to Australia while benefitting from:

  • tax-free daily pay
  • free healthcare and accommodation when serving
  • a flexible commitment
  • rewarding work that builds on your day job
  • management and leadership training
  • a supportive team environment
  • friendships that last a lifetime

All that plus exciting opportunities supporting Army domestic activities, including exercises and operations, with potential deployments overseas in support of Australian and coalition personnel.

Your part-time role

Army personnel is required to maintain high levels of fitness. For most soldiers and officers exercise is a daily necessity, sport is a given, and work may involve intense physical activity and the potential for injury.

That's why the Army has a need for part-time Physiotherapists to supplement our full-time resources.

In this rewarding role you'll work in both well-equipped hospitals and temporary facilities on exercises and deployments. Your duties will include:

  • providing care to pre and post-operative cases,
  • helping rehabilitate patients after extensive surgery or illness, and
  • working in the areas of sports injury management and prevention.

As an Army Officer, you will be a mentor and manager too, benefitting from world-class leadership training.

This is a physiotherapy role with a fulfilling extra dimension. If you want to expand your professional skills in a dynamic team environment, apply now to become a Physiotherapist in the Army Reserve.


  • Specialist Service Officer Course (26 days and 16 days at separate times)
  • Serve between 20 and 100 days each year (at least 50 days preferred)
  • Fit service around your existing work and family commitments

The Army provides special resources to help you approach your employer about your ambition to serve as a Reservist.


  • Training in Canberra, ACT
  • Posting to an Army unit close to where you live


  • Fully-paid leadership training
  • Starting package $168.66 per day tax-free
  • Pay increases with rank and experience

Entry Requirements

  • Australian Citizen
  • A degree or diploma in Physiotherapy
  • Registered as a Physiotherapist by the appropriate state

Medical and fitness guidelines also apply.

How to Apply

Click on the APPLY FOR THIS JOB button to submit your application. For more information view the full position description here: Physiotherapist (Army Reserve) position description

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